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Previously known as Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards is a website that allows you to earn points for using the Microsoft Bing search engine. Only so many searches each day count for points, but there are also quizzes, polls, and other little things you can do to earn points. They do have a handful of gift cards available such as Walmart, Target, Starbucks, etc, but they are more expensive than the Microsoft and Xbox rewards. A $5 Wal-Mart gift card is 6,500 points, as where a Xbox gift card is only 5,000 points for level 1 or 4,650 points for level 2. As such, it might be more worthwhile to get the Xbox gift cards and either sell them or trade them for the gift card you actually want.

Cash out Options & Minimum Cash outXbox Live Membership (9,500 pts), Xbox Gift Card ($1.25 - 1700 / 1600 pts) , Xbox game passes (1 month - 7,000 points), Microsoft gift cards, other gift cards (starting at $5 - 6,500 pts), Microsoft apparel, skype credit, sweepstakes, donations
Minimum AgeNot specified. Microsoft's general ToS says if you are under 13 you will need parental consent.
CountriesUS, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Personal Information RequiredYou need to have a Microsoft account.
Referral ProgramThe referral program seems to be US only. The referring user can earn up to 6,000 points per month from referrals. 30 pts (up to 300 total) when someone signs up, 70 pts (up to 700 total) when the person installs the extension within the first 3 days, and 500 points (up to 5,000) when the person does searches for 5 days during their first month.
Point Expiration18 months if you do not earn or redeem any points
Contacting SupportContact Page
Ways to EarnUsing the search engine, completing quizzes, completing goals, clicking links, various other little tasks, cash back, referring users


Level Perks
BenefitsLevel 1Level 2
Daily search point limit50150 PC + 100 mobile
Bonus cap for using Microsoft Edge520
Points earned per $ spent in Microsoft Store online1:110:1 (20:1 with active Xbox Live Gold)

Additionally, being level 2 lets you get exclusive member sales and discounts, as well as a discount for redeeming your points for Microsoft rewards.

You need to earn 500 points in a month to get to level 2.

  • There is a daily streak bonus.

  • It's fairly easy to reach level 2 if you are even somewhat active. If you're not as active for a month, it's not a big deal. It takes less than a week to get back to level 2 if you do everything.

  • Most quizzes give you points even if you get the answers wrong, but the higher value ones reward you more for getting them right.


  • It's Bing.

  • If you want to get all 250 points for the daily search, you have to use both a pc and a mobile device.

  • You may redeem no more than 550,000 points per calendar year with the program. (This is equivalent to ~$500-600 depending on what you redeem for.) I put this as a con, but chances are you won't hit this limit anyways unless you have a ton of referrals. If you were to be level 2 and do all of your daily searches (250 + 20), you would earn around 98,550 points in a year. This doesn't account for the quizzes, polls, streaks, cash back, etc.


Overall opinion

I'm not a fan of Bing, but I do like their rewards. I have it set as my default on one of my Chrome profiles, which shows various popular news stories. I like to click on a handful of these that catch my attention before going to do the quizzes. I've heard that some people are able to redeem for Amazon gift cards, but I never got them. I do wish that they had things like Visa or PayPal, but I usually just save up my points and sell the Xbox gift cards.


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