How does mrbeast giveaway so much money? here's how!


Who is mrbeast?

Mrbeast is an american youtuber whose real name is "Jimmy". He makes videos mostly with his three friends named chris, chandler and karl. 

He likes to give people money either through exciting challenges or people in need of it.

But then the question comes...

How does he giveaway so much money? And how he earns them?
Very good question! Jimmy has several other channels too. To generate revenue and put it all on the main channel

The other channels apart from his main channel Mrbeast such as;

He literally makes money through his other channels as well as his main channel and put it on the main channel to create great videos as he always does!

But that does not mean other channels are boring to watch. No, jimmy does his magic everywhere and every single content of him is enjoyable.

Apart from youtube ad revenue he has his marchandise company over the Internet to generate even MORE revenue for more giveaways

Anyway, he recently opened beast burger as well (just like dominos's) where his franchise sell beast burger all over america
and obviously he earns money through it as well

So there is NO money shortage for mrbeast and that's how he gives away a lot of money in his videos!

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