Don't go into Russian stocks - Latest Discussion Thread from Wall Street Bets


During the past days we have seen a lot of discussions in WSB saying that nobody should get into Russian Stocks and all.

Fellow apes, please do yourself a favor and don't even consider buying the dip of Russian stocks.

On the London Stock Exchange, equities like Gazprom, Sberbank, Lukoil etc. already went to zero (literally -99.9%) trading at a few cents a share.

Investors are unloading the shares as pressure rises and the liquidity in the US will disappear too, although it seems it's happening slower than in the UK. The fact that MOEX is closed doesn't matter because even when it opens, foreign-held shares won't be permitted to be sold there, so it's irrelevant what the share prices there will be.

Russian stocks are going to zero, and ADRs will be decoupled from their respective prices at MOEX.

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